Viele spannende Veranstaltungen und Events haben wir für Sie zusammengestellt. Unser Veranstaltungskalender hilft Ihnen, die schönsten Angebote auszuwählen.


New things from the old days!

The archaeological open-air museum is getting a new permanent exhibition! The concept has been written and the draft for the exhibition is finally ready.

No matter whether you are young or old – the “Bundesfreiwilligendienst“ is always possible!

Since 2012, the Hitzacker Archaeological Center has also been recognized as a location for the “Bundesfreiwilligendienst” of Germany. We still have open positions available! Please send applications to More about this program at

The House of the Dead is getting a new “bonnet”

After 26 years, the roof of our “House of the Dead” needs to be re-covered. Dense trees in close vincinity, damage from wild animals and a gradual slipping of the southern posts all but destroyed the old roof covering.

Immerse yourself in history with VR goggles

You can discover six different theme worlds about the interaction between people and nature. This interaction can sometimes mean threat or responsibility, work or even beauty and sometimes it is viewed as a resource and also a subject of research. You can borrow the VR goggles at our reception free of charge.

Allein oder mit Familie

Auch für Einzelgäste gibt viele Möglichkeiten die Bronzezeit aktiv zu erforschen. Auf Gelände befinden verschiedene Stationen zum Anfassen und Ausprobieren: Feuer bohren, Getreide mahlen, Barfussrondell oder Bienen-Guckkasten.

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1. April — 31. Oktober
täglich 10:00 — 17:00 Uhr