Alone or with family

There are lots of opportunities for individual guests to actively explore the Bronze Age. There are various stations on site where you can try out some ancient technologies: a fire drill, milling of grain, a soil circle for walking barefoot or a peep box inside a beehive.
With the explorer backpack or our museum rallies, both big and small explorer can go on a playful journey of discovery.
Active Archaeology

Explorer backpack

Equipped with a compass, magnifying glass, binoculars, identification boards and drawing equipment, you can take a closer look at the nature of the open-air museum. Rental fee per backpack and day €3.50.
Active Archaeology

Museum rallies

There’s no chance of boredom with our museum rallies.
We have prepared a search game for the youngest. With photos of objects or just details you can conquer the entire museum (free of charge).
With the “Moruk & Kari” museum rally, the explorers delve a little deeper into the subject. You find out, whether you have answered all questions correctly by entering your results in the solution text. And additionally a nice story is being told about the siblings who (could have) lived in our village in the Bronze Age. Available in the museum shop (€1.50).

Active Archaeology

VR goggles

A virtual journey throughout the centuries. With the VR goggles you can experience the museological and cultural landscape in the region of Lüneburg. Over 13 museums of the region show an impressive diversity of places and objects, people and makers. Discover the interaction between people and nature in six different theme worlds.

Event calendar

We have put together many exciting events and activities for you. Our event calendar will help you choose the best offers.

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April 1st – October 31st
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