Would you like to experience life during the Neolithic and Bronze Age as a school class, kindergarten group, company or birthday party? Call us, we have a wide range of activities, seminars and workshops.

History is interesting, exciting and fun!

We hope that you share this experience with us. That’s why we have developed interactive action workshops and seminars for every agegroup. With us you learn to understand and experience with your own hands how people lived back then.

Active Archaeology


Find questions – discover different ways – try out and experiment: conveying content and skills in a hands-on context!

A Night at the Museum

All our activities can be combined with an overnight stay in one of our longhouses!

Archäologie Aktiv

Kindergartens and pre-schoolers

Even the youngest ones can actively test their own skills with the entire kindergarten or daycare center.
Active Archaeology

Children's birthdays

Experience a very special birthday in our open-air museum! Baking, hunting, building with clay or the making of your own amulet – and afterwards the whole birthday party can have a feast under the awning!
Active Archaeology

Museum mobile

Not everyone is able to experience our museum “live”and “in person”. That’s why we’re happy to come to your school and offer you seminars and workshops tailored specifically to your needs. They are fun for children and adults alike and also provide factual, correct information.

Some topic-oriented activities are traveling with us:

Archäologie Aktiv


Active Archaeology

Time travel for team players – company outings

Within the Hitzacker Archaeological Center its visitors experience prehistory in a different way: What could life have been like in the Stone and Bronze Ages? How important was it for each individual then and now to be able to rely on the community?
Individual strength, coupled with the ability to work in a team, challenged by exploring your own limits, plus a good pinch of fun – give your team the chance to get to know each other outside of familiar settings! You will be surprised!
Who has sure instincts? Who has greater powers of endurance? Who can I safely go on open water with? A journey into the human past is a very unique opportunity!
Afterwards, feast, celebrate and chat together to round the day off in a relaxed setting.

Active Archaeology

Inclusion included

We proudly take part in it! – Experience and understanding for people of all ages, with or without disabilities is a big focus for us. The museum is fully accessible for everyone. People who are confined to a wheelchair can take part in our seminars and workshops using the mobile work-tables which we specially developed for use in the museum.
A large parking lot in front of our entrance allows you to enter the museum grounds after just a short walk. A large map with tactile engravings in the entrance area helps with orientation on the site. The entrance building itself houses a disabled-accessible toilet, a shower and a changing table.

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April 1st – October 31st
daily 10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m