It's worth taking a look at our surroundings! Combine a visit to the Hitzacker Archaeological centre open-air museum with a stay in the “Nature Park Elbhöhen – Wendland” or in the Biosphere Reserve “Elbe River Landscape”, because not only fans of archaeology will get their money’s worth here.
No matter on which form of transportation and from which direction you approach us, you will find beautiful landscapes, the idyllic “Rundling” villages and half-timbered towns invite you to linger. Go on a journey of discovery and enjoy the diverse treasures of nature, culture and tradition by bike, on foot or on horseback – and above all enjoy the peace, fresh air and the wide view over meadows, rivers, fields, heath and forests.
Hitzacker on the Elbe

a place with history

The riverscape of the Elbe has a particular influence on the cityscape of the half-timbered town of Hitzacker. The cities core is situated an island on the navigable river Jeetzel before it flows into the Elbe. The city offers picturesque half-timbered houses, one of the northernmost vineyards in Germany and much more. But, even as it is peaceful nowadays, it looks back on an eventful history. Long before the town charter was granted in 1258 or the first documented mention in 1203, a Slavic settlement with an associated fortification on top of the vineyard could be verified. The phases of the prehistoric settlement date back to the Neolithic period.

The Old Customs House Hitzacker (Elbe)

You can experience the eventful history of the city and its famous sons in the museum for the history of the city.

3 museums: 1 circular route

Experience the Elbe Valley by bike or on foot. You will find maps and information at 11 stations on the 20 km long circular route. The outdooractive app navigates you along the circular route free of charge using an audio guide. You can get information at the three museums within the Elbtalaue: The Old Customs House Hitzacker (Elbe), the Hitzacker Archaeological centre and the museum in Dannenbergs Waldemar Tower.

Living with and within nature - the destinature Dorf Hitzacker

The destinature village Hitzacker is located in the immediate vicinity of the archaeological open-air museum. Here you can wake up to the sound of birdsong, feel the meadow under your feet on the way to breakfast and shower under the stars. Here you meet those who feel at home outside and want to be within the nature. That's why you stay in comfortable tiny houses or in a mobile Bed to Go. Everything is made of natural and sustainable materials in the distinctive WERKHAUS style.

Every guest can get a voucher to be used as a discount towards the entrance fee or a activity at the archaeological centre Hitzacker

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